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You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

After their recently experienced financial tumoil and with no new ground on the horizon, Wakefield Trinity (forget the Wildcats) as they are traditionally known look to be on a fast train out of Super League. It's early days but they need to be in the top eight so that the RFL cannot exclude them when the franchises come up for grabs. John Kear is a thoroughly nice guy and a good coach who has worked miracles in the past. It will be difficult but not impossible

Castleford and Harlequins with their fine early season form have demonstrated the way foward for Wakefield  and everybody else. Through hard work and good coaching it is possible to achieve good results with young, home grown players. We all like to watch genuine stars and Willie Mason falls into this caetgory but the majority of overseas players playing in the UK are an not needed because they are no better than the home grown equivalent. It's great to watch Rhys Evans playing a starring role for Warrington but would h…