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USA 18 Canada 2 Philadelphia

On 27/8/11, the USA Tomahawks defeated the Canadian Wolverines 18-2 in the first match of the 2011 Colonial Cup, With Hurricane Irene only hours away, the kick off was brought forward and the match was played in terrible conditions in Philadelphia. The driving rain and wet pitch obviously affected ball handling.

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Crusaders want to play in the RL Championship

Crusaders withdrew their application for a new three-year SL licence in July due continuing financial problems.

They have announced that they intend join the other Welsh professional outfit, South Wales Scorpions, in the second tier of the RL pyramid.

Campaign groups supporting the Crusaders have backed the move.

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Take off the pumpkin and put on your head

After their laughably inept attempt at expansion it is time for the RFL to redeem themselves and start creating some excitement on the field of play. In the not too distant future we have the best RL players in the world coming to the UK and playing high profile international matches at top quality stadiums. Surely we can't cock this up

Not very long ago, European teams used to regularly beat Australia and NZ by out thinking them. More recently we have been content to contain by picking the same old same old players, often out of form, carrying injuries, out of position, with a track record of failure and the results have been plain to see. We need to be bold and pick some young, hungry, unpredictable players who will take the game to their opponents.

We desperately need a player (or players) who will stand up to be counted and are willing to make a name for themselves. I can remember a soccer player called Gerry Armstrong who was nothing special during his club career but repres…

Canada record first victory in International RL

31/7/11     Canada 40  Jamaica 10     Toronto

Canada gained revenge for the Atlantic Cup defeat in November with a convincing 40-10 victory over Jamaica in the Caribbean Carnival Cup. It was the Wolverines’ first victory in international rugby league and according to CRL chairman Eric Perez, “signals Canada’s intentions to be a force in international rugby league.”