Take off the pumpkin and put on your head

After their laughably inept attempt at expansion it is time for the RFL to redeem themselves and start creating some excitement on the field of play. In the not too distant future we have the best RL players in the world coming to the UK and playing high profile international matches at top quality stadiums. Surely we can't cock this up

Not very long ago, European teams used to regularly beat Australia and NZ by out thinking them. More recently we have been content to contain by picking the same old same old players, often out of form, carrying injuries, out of position, with a track record of failure and the results have been plain to see. We need to be bold and pick some young, hungry, unpredictable players who will take the game to their opponents.

We desperately need a player (or players) who will stand up to be counted and are willing to make a name for themselves. I can remember a soccer player called Gerry Armstrong who was nothing special during his club career but represented Northern Ireland at the 1982 World Cup and was the star man as they beat hosts Spain and topped their group. Gary Schofield was far from ordinary during his club career but always saved his best performances for internationals and who can forget his GB performances at stand off in the early nineties. Unfortunately Gary's efforts were never quite good enough but Roger Millward stood up the last time we won the Ashes and we need to find his successor.


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