The World's our Lobster

There has been much talk recently of England players such as James Graham and James Roby joining Sam Burgess and Gareth Ellis in the NRL and how this will improve their game and also make our international team more competitive. It is a free country and if any player wants to play in the NRL I wish them well but to suggest, as some have, that this is the only option open to England and it's players is silly.

There are some big clubs in the SL with big budgets. With or without injuries, we should be able to compete with Australia and NZ. Anything else is defeatest talk

Steve McNamara was an unsuccessful SL coach with Bradford and the same is true with England. I accept that some young players gained some good experience but coaches are judged on results.

St Helens have been very succesful in the SL era with their cavalier, off-the-cuff, keep the ball alive style of rugby which is a joy to watch at home but suicidal in the international arena. We must be more hard-headed, play the percentages, complete our sets and give ourselves a chance

Remember we beat NZ last year and beat them very convincingly in 2007. If we perform to our potential we will be very competitive and with the bounce of the ball and a fair deal from the referee.....

To quote Arthur Daley, that famous philosopher "the world's our lobster"


  1. The RL world in general should be more positive in particular the administrators. In RU they don't slag off their sport because of some one sided contests

  2. very true

    The RLIF (or ARL as it usually known) are very poor salesman who can't expect to sell anything if they are negative about their product

    I've just heard that Tony Archer is ref for the final ..... here we go again


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