My Wife Punches Harder - Top 5 RL Fights

5. Ellery Hanley v Les Boyd
Wigan v Warrington in Milwaukee 1987

Unfortunately this incident took place in a showcase match in the USA and was an embarrassment for the RL community. Great fight though!

4.  Mal Maninga v Peter Dutton
Brisbane Grand Final 1980

This proves that our "friends in low places" can also mis-behave in prestigious matches and it involves Mal Maninga who has since come close to being made a saint.

3.  Stuart Fielden v Willie Mason
Australia v GB  -  Four Nations 2006

This wasn't really a fight but more of a one punch KO. Fielden asked for it, had been asking for it for years but fortunately for him nobody was willing to take him on. Until he met Willie Mason that is and he has never been the same player since. The aura was destroyed.

Amazingly, Willie Mason stayed on the pitch despite this and another incident in the same match where he maimed Sean Long. It illustrates how weak and easily intimidated referees are in international RL.

2. Les Boyd v Adrian Shelford and Paul Cullen v Andy Goodway
Warrington v Wigan  1988

This took place on New Years Day and again involved the notorious Les Boyd. It saw his dismissal along with the late Adrian Shelford before an altercation between Paul Cullen and Andy Goodway saw them both sent off. It has been described as World War 3

1. Gordon Tallis v Terry O'Connor
Brisbane v Wigan  -  World Club Challenge 1994

When asked about the fight in an interview after the game Terry said "my wife punches harder"


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