Houston, we have a problem

The next Four Nations competition is scheduled to take place this Autumn in the UK and should involve England, Wales Australia and NZ.

There is a major problem.

No dates/venues have been confirmed and thus it is impossible to to buy, or even plan to buy, tickets. It is less than four months until the scheduled start and potential spectators throughout the world are still in the dark.

This is our annual opportunity to put our sport and our fantastic athletes in the shop window and show the world what they are missing. There have been rumours of a double header at Wembley but nothing has been confirmed. The RLIF met recently and I have been waiting for some news to no avail. There is nothing on the RLIF website which just directs visitors to other sites and the Four Nations link wasn't working the last time I tried

Other sports plan their showcase events years in advance and then concentrate on high quality promotion/marketing in to order gain the maximum possible exposure and the maximum financial returns. As a result, our competitors progress while we stagnate.

We should prioritise our international RL matches and do everything we can to promote them to the world

It's not rocket science


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