The Spanish Archer

I have recently read about Michael Holding, the ex-West Indies fast bowler complain that India have too much power in world cricket. He cites as an example, their refusal to accept the standard review system to be used in the upcoming test series against England. Michael explains that he, along with many people in the Caribbean, is a fan of the successful Brazilian soccer team but FIFA would never allow Brazil to dictate terms to them.

Does this scenario seem familiar?

I am not a fan of FIFA but the RLIF should follow it's lead and not allow member countries to dictate terms. Like FIFA, the RLIF should be an independent organisation which supervises the sport throughout the world and it should not be out ranked by any member nation.

The RLIF should not allow Australia (or any other nation) to dictate or interfere in any aspect of international RL including rules and referee appointment.

If any nation refuses to cooperate we should give them the spanish archer and play on without them. Unless something drastic happens, it is possible that Australia will gradually withdraw from international competition anyway and concentrate on their own NRL rules football with their own no corner flags, two referees etc rules.

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