We're all doomed Captain Mainwaring

The Crusaders fiasco was very depressing for all true RL fans

Does this signal the end of RL expansion for good? Will we retreat to the M62?
I hope not. We must move forward or die and the alternative is a slow painful death where we gradually contract and eventually disappear up our own collective rectal aperture (as they say in Hull)

Expansion is possible if handled correctly. Despite some setbacks, Les Catalans have been a great success and are now one of the strongest clubs in SL. Let's tell Toulouse they can join in 2014 as soon as we can and give them every opportunity to prepare. They are a big vibrant club from a big city and can bring far more to the table than the other likely applicants which are, from at best medium sized depressed towns.          

I still think Wales could be a big success to if handled correctly. The problem in Wrexham was lack of funds but why that should be a problem when the RFL receives millions from it's sponsors is beyond me. The whole episode has been embarrassing for the RFL and the Crusaders directors did not act in good faith. However, we have been continually asking Club directors to make business decisions based on logic rather than emotion and when they do we can't really complain

I liked Angela Power's twitter anecdote about her son's sports day
"Son's sports day today. 100 metre dash. Of course he won't run it, just explain to teachers why he deserves to..."

I'm undecided about the draft system. I like the way it's allowed clubs to introduce young players but hate the farcical off field situation it produced with Crusaders. It was supposed to help club's achieve financial stability but three team have had financial problems recently. The alternative is promotion and relegation which admittedly creates excitement on the pitch but I look at the lower reaches of the league tables and see numerous broken teams such as Oldham, Swinton, Workington who all suffered for paying inflated wages to elderly Aussies trying to compete with the big boys.

The real problem is the lack of high quality teams who can compete with the likes of Wigan, Leeds, Warrington and Hull


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