Paperwork or Playing Field?

Hull FC coach Richard Agar will be leaving his post at the end of the season and this could potentially be embarrassing for the club as they are just coming into a run of form. According to their SL license application Hull FC are top four team and they are certainly a  big club who should be doing better than scraping into the play-offs. Their new owner will have big expectations and will expect players performances on the field of play to at least match the performance of their administrators although appointing serial loser Shaun MacRae is not a good start

It must be a massive cause for concern at the RFL that Featherstone Rovers (a good RL team) can comprehensively beat SL elect side Widnes (good at paperwork) twice in recent weeks.

As was widely predicted, Toulouse have resigned from the RL Championship and rejoined the French Elite.     This makes sense and they are rejoining a competition which could and should be at least equal in stature to the RL Championship with the winners eligible to apply for SL. The problem the French face is that too few clubs remain with the financial muscle to compete at the highest level although we face the same problem in the UK

RL in Europe suffers from a serious lack of investment mainly because only a small fraction of the funds received by the SL clubs  trickles down.  Maybe more TV coverage for the Championship and French Elite would encourage sponsorship

In my opinion, the RFL should a huge cash generator and should be able to generate funds to distribute to clubs with an equitable distribution. International RL is the most obvious way of doing this especially if they exploit famous existing brands e.g. GB Lions or RL Ashes

Meanwhile the RU World Cup is about to start in NZ and will no doubt grab all the headlines and make big profits for everybody concerned. Note that it takes place during the RU club season which carries on regardless. In RU they prioritise international competition and prosper as a result



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