Where are you now Vince Karalius?

In general. RU people are very self confident if not arrogant and continually talk themselves and their game up despite seemingly obvious reality. It could be argued that this arrogance was the main cause of the 1895 split and the resulting chip on the shoulder of RL people who continually accentuate the negative and talk our game down. We need to be more confident, to think bigger and sell ourselves to the world

This was demonstrated last weekend when Fiji defeated PNG 26-12 in yet another low key, unpublicised international. France showed us how it should be done when another good crowd of 10000+ saw France beat Scotland 46-10 in Perpignan. The potential is massive if only France could be competitive again against the top nations.

It's a great pity that both Lebanon and Jamaica couldn't be included in the RL World Cup 2013 because we need some variety and exposure to new markets. The qualifying rounds were an undoubted success though and should be encouraged and expanded

Now it's all eyes on Wembley and lets hope both England and Wales can perform to their potential. Most people would agree that Australia are better than us and they certainly think they are better by far. Unfortunately, our players seem to think they are from some super human species which is obviously not true. We need to be more self confident as a team and need an individual to stand up and make a name for himself.

Where are you now Vince Karalius, Aex Murphy, Roger Millward ....?


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