You can't handle the truth

The Four Nations series was an obvious success and proved that holding big international RL at big stadiums is the best way to showcase our game. Some success was desperately needed after a series of calamities e.g. the Crusaders fiasco

Unfortunately England lost and once again it emphasised our losing mentality and a continuation of the timid selection policy of picking out of form players out of position. At least we didn't  try to get away with selecting any injured players as we have in the past. Burgess, O'Loughlin, Bridge, Atkins etc would've enhanced our chances but why were so many of our players injured? Some of them were involved in the play offs

Collectively and individually we still have the wrong priorities.We play too many games and have too many foreigners involved in an unsuccessful and stagnating club competition whose media profile declines by the hour. This is down to poor management and we are kidding ourselves if we can't see it.

During the SL war an ARL official mocked the RFL for not being able to " sell blankets to eskomos"             Have things really improved since?

RL officials are like merchant bankers. They seem to be unsackable


  1. The Grand Final was probably the best ever

  2. It was great to see the England v Australia match on the BBC

  3. International RL has suffered from playing at small stadiums on SKY on Saturday evening


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