Hello Hello I'm back again

Good to be back both personally and after a quiet period for International Rugby League. There have been a few recent announcements including some incomplete information delivered in a half arsed manner about the the 2013 World Cup.

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Wales will play there first mid season international for many years against France in Wrexham in June

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A two match exiles series is planned during the summer with a Tri-Series involving England, Wales and France planned for the Autumn

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I very much have my doubts about the long term viability of the Exiles team but if they get paid enough, who knows?  Maybe we should consider playing matches against unofficial Australia and NZ teams drawn from players based over here? The players involved would be much more committed although player numbers would be a problem unless we could tempt some interested parties from down under. Maybe we should ask for volunteers?

Unfortunately, international RL in the Southern Hemisphere seems to be going down the Gary Glitter. The official ARL/NRL/NZRL Kangaroo and Kiwi representative sides have only one game scheduled this year in April in Auckland. They seem much more interested in their club competition and State of Origin and I fear this trend will continue. The failure of England and France to provide competitive opposition hasn't helped and they will continue to concentrate on the NRL which will continue to introduce rule changes which will isolate Australia and NZ from everybody else. The views of the Pacific Nations will not be considered

I fear that International RL will increasingly be confined to the Northern Hemisphere and we will be forced develop our own competitions involving England, France, Wales, the Exiles and anybody else who is interested. India and China are supposed to be future economic powerhouses and maybe we should target them?

Maybe a breakaway from the ARL/NRL/NZRL  could be considered to give Southern Hemisphere players the opportunity to compete internationally. This would be extremely ironic considering the history of  RL but players would jump at the chance to represent their countries overseas.


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