Exile All Golds 2012

Just as an Exile Kangaroo XIII could be selected from players based in Europe, an Exile Kiwi XIII could be selected too. What about this team for starters and again I realise that some "might" be considered Samoan, Tongan or even English. If any problems occur we could ask we ask for volunteers in NZ and I'm sure some would jump at the chance to represent their country.

1  Webb
2  Lulia
3 Soliola
4 Sa
5  Meli
6  Hohaia
7  T Leuluai
8  Lima
9 Faiuma
10 Moa
11  Manu
12  Puletua
13  L Anderson 

With V Anderson, K Leuluai, Solomona, Webster, Chase, Isa, Witt, Kite, Lauititi, Temata, L Paea and other in reserve a strong squad could be selected to compete internationally with England, France, Wales, Exile Australia and others. It would be nice to have official backing from the NZRL but if not, they could be called the "All Golds" who were formed in similar circumstances 

The Exile Kiwi XIII could participate in the existing international competitions organised by the RLEF who could begin to expand their operations world wide. 

As the NRL,  with the clubs calling the shots, go there own way and become increasingly isolated, the Kangaroos will become less of a priority and play fewer games. The Kiwis, who have the majority of their players contracted to NRL clubs, will be in the same position whether they like it or not. The Pacific Island Nations will not be consulted 

As they become increasingly frustrated with the lack of opportunities to represent their country, non-NRL aligned NZ based Kiwis might want to join the Exile Kiwi's  in the expanded RLEF organisation as might the home based Pacific Island Nations who are in the same position. This could actually lead to a  rejuvenated national NZ club competition

Further down the line, this could lead to regular, increasing, meaningful international competitions between nations throughout the world who could compete on equal terms. They could be organised by the independent but renamed RLEF without interference from any vested interests e.g. NRL clubs. Regular fixtures would decrease the need for players to embarrass us and themselves by continually swapping countries

We could look forward to a rejuvenated and thriving international RL scene and thus a much higher media profile. Bring it on


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