Exile Kangaroos 2012

I've expressed my doubts in the past about a bunch of mercenaries playing under an Exiles banner which could become increasingly weak depending upon currency valuations and player quotas. Players would be much more likely to represent their country and perhaps England could consider playing matches against unofficial Australia and unofficial NZ teams drawn from players based over here. 

What about this for an Exile Kangaroo team to play England in 2012?

1  Hodgson
2  Robertson
3  McDonnell
4  J Monaghan
5  Richards
6  Finch
7  Gower
8  Kaufusi
9  M Monaghan
10 Clinton
11 Waterhouse
12  Galea
13  Rodney

With Perry, O'Meley, Laffranchi, O'Donnell, Dobson, Delaney, Patten, Green, Dureau, Randall, Dorn, Howell, Holdsworth and others in reserve. 

I realise that some of these players "might" be Irish, Scottish, Italian ... etc but we haven't bothered with things like that in the past. In for a pound, in for a penny as they say but we could ask we ask for volunteers in Australia and I'm sure a few would jump at the chance to represent their country overseas. 

Due to the apparent and increasing reluctance of the official Kangaroos, the Exile Kangaroos could compete internationally with England, France, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, USA and anybody else deemed good enough. They could participate in the regular international competitions organised by the RLEF and already in existence 

Inevitably, a some coaches and administrators would be needed and possibly, in time if the ARL prefer to concentrate on the NRL, some of the lower leagues in Australia might throw in their hat. Splits are part of the culture in RL and in 1895 it lead to the creation of a sport but in 1995 it lead to much bitterness and resentment. This split need not be acrimonious, it would be nice to have official blessing and most of all, the opportunity to wear the famous green and gold.

The NRL juggernaut could continue to develop its own brand with two referees and golden points ...etc with the clubs in command and with SoO at its pinnacle. Players could come and go as they please subject to contractual requirements.


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