Hoots mon it's a bracht bricht moonlit nicht

After watching Salford launch their new stadium in the snow we are all glad that RL in the UK is now played in summer. Despite a warm spring period and a very hot Magic Weekend, the cold weather has continued and RL spectators have been enduring a very cold wind up their collective kilts

I watched Featherstone Rovers play Pia in the Anglo French Challenge on Sunday which was again played in dreadful conditions and neither side looked as though they wanted to be there. After a dreadful start, Pia we actually quite competitive and I believe the top French sides and top Championship teams would be evenly matched if given a fair chance.

An Anglo-French Challenge or a Treize-Tournoi would be great idea but it must be organised correctly and positioned properly within the calender. The end of the French season coincides with the middle of the Championship and this is not good timing for either. September would be better but it must be organised in advance, publicised properly and if Sheffield, Halifax or Leigh don't want to play they should make way for a team who does

Apart from Les Catalans, French sides seem to be intimidated by English opposition and are often beaten before the match begins. They need to overcome this losing mentality and have more confidence in themselves. English teams have the same problem when facing Australians

After another woeful marketing performance by the RFL, did anybody actually know that this match was on? Did anybody know that three other games were also being played over the weekend? Could anybody find out the results?

Did anybody know that a Nines Competition is currently being played?

The RFL continue to organise their Mickey Mouse competitions and the media profile of the sport continues to decline



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