Dickie's Meadow

This week I have been watching, recently departed RFL supremo Richard Lewis, giving interviews in his new role as Wimbledon CEO and have been reflecting on his time in office.

There is no doubt that he provided much needed stability when it was very much needed and RFL revenue has increased under him.  Dickie Lewis has presided over the introduction of the licensing process which has resulted in improved facilities and increased professionalism at SL level. He will be remembered for an expansion of the international game throughout the northern hemisphere and I believe this will bear fruit in the future.

While the financial situation has improved at the RFL (although in my opinion it started from a very low base and needs to increase much more) we have witnessed the Crusaders debacle, the Stobart non-sponsorship and now the problems at the Bradford Bulls. London still play in front of very low crowds (3600 v Leeds yesterday) and they along with other clubs are struggling to keep up. Some of our most famous teams live hand to mouth below SL level and feel excluded by the licencing process. We have replaced Great Britain with England but still struggle to compete internationally against Australia and NZ. Sceptical supporters endure Magic Weekends and the Exiles concept but no Ashes series or Lions Tours.

Meanwhile, Dickie gets interviewed on SKY News with Wimbledon in the background but RL's media profile declines by the hour. We await news of his replacement

In Dickie's meadow is a north of England phrase which means to be in trouble. 
It refers to King Richard III and his meadow was Bosworth Field


  1. Unfortunately, we have replaced skill with power and our game is much the worse for it

  2. You can't blame this on Richard Lewis

    He has replaced Great Britain with England and this is a mistake

  3. Great Britain compete successfully at other sports like athletics without any problems

  4. Is this (competing as England) a funding requirement from Sport England??

    I don't know

  5. This has been a bad year for Rugby League in the UK

    With the Bradford Bulls problems following on from Crusaders.
    There have been far too many basketball score lines

    We have copied the Aussies for far too long. Let's go back to traditional, hard, skillfull Rugby League

  6. There are still too many Aussies and Kiwis involved especially at couching level. Why are the Hull clubs employing two mark Aussies?
    Surely Daryl Powell, Karl Harrison ...etc could do better

  7. It's the same on the field of play where we have many many many ordinary Australians and NZers (in important positions)blocking the way of our own young talent. I notice that Hull KR have just signed a NRL reject for next year. Surely they can find some good young RL players in Hull!!!!!

    It shows at International level too. Whenever the going gets tough our players turn round and look for their leader e.g. Leuleui, Monaghan...etc but he isn't there. Unfortunately, at club level the leaders are usually not English.

    The French have the same problem

  8. A minor point but does the phrase "Dickie's Meadow" refer to the Battle of Wakefield where Richard, Duke of York was defeated during the War of the Roses?


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