...and all the profits will go to the fish

In real life, I have sat through numerous work based meetings and wearily listened to inexperienced colleagues describe over complicated systems that could not possibly work. I often found my mind wandering to the scene in the Laurel and Hardy film where Stan describes how they will improve their latest money making scheme by buying a boat

I had similar thoughts when I first heard the outcome of the RFLs restructuring scheme involving the 12 x 2 and 3 x 8 option.....etc. It seemed massively over complicated but we're stuck with it now so we'll have to make do and hope for the best.  (Let's not even think about the current interpretation of obstruction) Before it's even had the chance to be implemented we're faced with a ludicrous situation as a direct result. Little old Keighley Cougers (... yes, Keighley Cougers) feel the need to play a weakened team in a televised Challenge Cup quarter final against (little old) Widnes. This was probably the biggest and most high profile match the Keighley club has played in for at least twenty years  It was probably the bigggest occasion the Keighley players had ever been or ever will be involved in and possibly their only chance to ever play in a game broadcast live. It was probably the biggest game of their careers and yet the club chose to prioritise a match against Whitehaven next week!!!

I always try to be positive if at all possible but it certainly wasn't looking good and then Leigh gave Leeds a massive, massive shock. Let's hope Keighley are suitably embarrassed.


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