The fish will catch themselves....

After watching the Wigan v Castleford  Challenge Cup game on Saturday most people would have been talking about the farce the obstruction rule has become rather than a very exciting match. Castleford were great and thankfully the poor decisions didn't affect the result. Surely spectators and viewers want to watch players play rather than referees adjudicate and action needs to be taken soon because the current interpretation of the obstruction rule is yet another over complicated system which cannot possibly work.

As our hero Stan said to his mate Oli,

"The fish will catch themselves, the people who buy the fish won't have to pay and all the profits will go to the fish"

Perfectly put and I personally would abolish the video referee altogether but this won't happen. We should at least say that the referee decides on obstruction as with a foward pass.

Just as Castleford were great, Leigh (playing Leeds on Thursday) were absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately, very few current RL games reach the intensity of the two sudden death Challenge Cup games and this is one of the major problems Northern Hemisphere RL faces. In far too many SL games, Goliath plays David and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. When some resistance is shown the players involved often take the easy option because two points are two points, we play London next week and only have to finish in the top eight to make the play offs. The players are all on good contracts and get paid anyway unlike the good old days when win bonuses were needed to pay the mortgage.

As a sport we need to reduce the number of matches and increase the intensity. With fewer matches each one will mean more and should be promoted as an event. The new structure won't help solve this problem as it involves more matches not less!!!


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