A Step in the Right Direction

Regardless of your your views on the situation, some good news emerged recently from the middle east

A team of Rugby League players and administrators are working together and hope to join the RLEF with regard to playing international matches in 2015. They will join the Middle East and Africa (MEA) section of the RLEF whose membership is growing as RL becomes increasingly popular in these areas.

It might not happen because, as far as I'm aware, Palestine isn't officially a country and some dirty deals get done but we can only hope.

The situation in the middle east is usually portrayed as big bully Israel acting as the aggressor against its poor defenceless neighbours. In reality, Israel is massively overwhelmed in terms of population, resources and land by surrounding countries and does well to survive. As in Northern Ireland, the turmoil is continually prolonged so that others can take advantage at their will. Some strong leadership would help

I personally doubt a settlement will ever be reached because leaders on either side would find it difficult to sell any final border solution to their electorate. Maybe a Mandela type character will emerge to forgive first so others can follow but unfortunately these "take the sins of the world" characters are very few and far between. The two sides might not like each but surely the majority are sick of the violence. They can take a few small steps together, call it progress and each day/month/year that passes will reduce suspicion. Setbacks will occur, as in Northern Ireland, but trust will grow and prosperity will surely follow

We take sport for granted and this is normality but if this happens in the middle east it is positive news and a step in the right direction. They all deserve our support

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  1. Are you aware there is also an Israel Rugby League too but doesn't appear to be getting a plug here?



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