Alan Prescott Plays on with a Broken Arm

Alan Prescott

5th July 1958    Australia  18 v Great Britain  25            Brisbane

“We’d lost the first test and, whether the tour was a success or not depended on the second game. We got off to a shocking start losing Dave Bolton and Jim Challinor and Alan broke his arm. We didn’t know for certain it was broken but we guessed it was. He was asked to go to hospital at half time but refused because he reckoned he could still provide an obstacle for the Australians if he threw himself in front of them and he did just that. I don’t know how he did it but he did. It was a double break from what I could gather afterwards and it finished his career really. Whether it was bravery or bloody madness, I couldn’t make my mind up at the time! 

The third game was a question of doing it for Alan in his absence. We owed him something and came up with a big win.”      – Great Britain centre Eric Ashton.


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