Australia win the Ashes for the first time - or did they?

1st January 1912          Northern Union  8  Australia 33         Birmingham

The 1911-12 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain was the second ever Kangaroo tour and was actually a tour by an Australasian team (it included four New Zealand players) rather than the Australian team alone. They became the first tourists to win the Ashes and the last to do so on British soil for over half a century.

After 1922 the Great Britain RL team became known as the Lions which was many years before the RU team followed suit. In the same year they side beat Australia 6-0 at Salford to win back the Ashes. They would not be lost again until 1950.

In 1928, the City Tattersalls Club in Sydney, Australia donated The Ashes trophy


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