Station Road, Swinton - The Aussie Graveyard

6th November 1948     Great Britain 17  Australia 6          Swinton

Despite the baffling omission of their captain Len Smith, the Kangaroo tourists played their part in a great First Test matches as Great Britain won 23-21. Their form deserted them and they lost four games in a row before the Second Test at Station Road, Swinton.  Before the game, the players paid homage at the corner of the ground where Joe “Chimpy” Busch had been famously been denied in 1930 but they lost the match and The Ashes 17-6. Station Road, once again proved to be the graveyard of the Aussies as it hosted another British Ashes triumph. A 23-9 win for Great Britain at Bradford resulted in only the second ever whitewash in Ashes history.

Sadly Station Road, Swinton is a now a housing estate.


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