RLIF Reviews Eligibility Criteria

The RLIF is set to review eligibility criteria for international RL and is considering allowing players from AustraliaNew Zealand and England to nominate a second country for which they qualify.
AustraliaNew Zealand and England would be classified as "Tier One" nations and all other countries "Tier Two." An eligible player could swap from a Tier One nation to a Tier Two nation but could not swap between two Tier One nations. The aim of the move is to increase the chances of Tier Two nations and make them competitive at international level. It would also still give players who qualify for Tier Two nations e.g. Tyson Frizzel the chance to play SoO.
As the Kangaroos players receive approximately $20 000 (Australian) per game, the financial incentive of playing for Australia are obvious but the RLIF want to expand international RL and do not want to reduce the chances of FijiSamoaScotland, Wales etc from being more competitive.
The new rules might come as a blow for new England coach Wayne Bennett who is possibly targeting Josh and Brett Morris as well as Trent Hodkinson for his England side. The Morris twins have already played for Australia and would not be eligible for England. Hodkinson has played for NSW but not the Kangaroos and would be eligible for England.
Irish international, Tyrone McCarthy criticised the move on twitter saying the top nations would be able to cherry pick the best talent from developing countries and discard them when they want. 



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